Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Time Rush Announces Release of their New Album 'ELEVATE' in the UK

Big Time Rush Announce Release Of New Album 'Elevate'

Big Time Rush have revealed their new album 'Elevate' will be out in the UK on 30th January and will feature an extra track exclusively for the UK fans.

ImageHere's the complete tracklisting for 'Elevate', including the bonus track 'Epic'.

1. Music Sounds Better With U (featuring Mann)
2. Show Me
3. All Over Again
4. No Idea
5. Cover Girl
6. Love Me Love Me
7. If I Ruled The World (featuring Iyaz)
8. Invisible
9. Time Of Our Life
10. Superstar
11. You’re Not Alone
12. Elevate
13. Epic (UK bonus track)

Christmas is just around the corner so the lads revealed a little about their own Christmas traditions, James commented: "It's one of the only weeks of the year when we aren't working but you know what?  Last year we all went snowboarding together."

Logan added: "When I was younger I used to take my skateboard and I'd buy a Christmas tree by myself"

Carlos revealed: "We put the Christmas tree up during Thanksgiving in late November.  We have a big family meal then put the tree up so it sits there for a month"

From today you can pre-order the album over at

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