Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nickelodeon orders up third season of hit show Big Time Rush

Nickelodeon has ordered a third season of “Big Time Rush,” its popular series

 about a created-for-TV band.

Think “The Monkees” – just with actors who can really sing.

The network has picked up another 20 episodes of the show, which just

 completed production on the second season. Production on the new episodes 

will begin in January, perhaps after a TV movie, and air sometime during the 

first quarter of next year.

“It’s sad to end production, but we got the great news about the third season,” 

says cast member Carlos Pena.

“Big Time Rush” was created by Nickelodeon and Sony as a series about a 

group of young men who also could become a hit band. Casting took a year 

and a half to find the right mix, says Marjorie Cohn, president of original 

programming at Nickelodeon.

When the show launched, it generated the highest numbers ever for a live-

action series launch on Nickelodeon. The current season is the No. 1 live-action 

series with kids age 2 to 11.

It’s been a fast rise for the series by any measure. In fact, Pena says there are 

days when he still can’t believe what’s happened.

“Every single day I drive through the Paramount arches,” he says of the studio 

where the show is shot, “I’m like, man, this is my life.”

And it’s Nickelodeon and Sony’s life, too.

“It’s an important part of our brand,” says Cohn. “We want to be every place 

kids are. Kids love music, and that means having not just a show that exists 

on air, but exists in various platforms.”

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