Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top 5 Biggest Moments for Big Time Rush in 2011!

The end of 2011 is near – seriously, there’s less than a month to go! But luckily, there’s just enough time left for us to recap the biggest moments of the year for some of our favorite celebs, new and old. This year has been HUGE for lots of them, with big movie roles and headlining tours and much more going on in their lives. With Top 5 Biggest Moments, we’ll break down the top five moments of our faves’ lives this year! So sit back, relax and enjoy what we think their biggest and brightest moments were in 2011!
Ready to take a look at Big Time Rush’s biggest moments in 2011?
1. Releasing Their Sophomore Album, Elevate
Logan, James, Kendall and Carlos have worked incredibly hard to put out a follow-up album that really captures who they are. We think they totally mastered it, contributing to eight songs on Elevate.
2. Opening for Justin Bieber on the Mexico Stops of his My World Tour
The guys got to perform and hang out with the Biebs during two shows in Mexico City earlier this year. Not only did they share the stage and adoring, screaming fans, but they got a little competitive with a game of hacky sack.
3. Filming the BTR Flick in Canada
The guys’ show Big Time Rush is so incredibly popular that they thought they should film a TV movie, Big Time Movie, to go along with it. The guys plenty of time this summer shooting scenes for it. It’s supposed to be fun (obviously) and action-packed. We’ve heard the BTR boys will even perform some Beatles songs in it. We can’t wait to see it!
4. Announcing Their Headlining Tour with Support from British-Irish Group One Direction
Fave bands unite! We’re totally stoked to see these guys join forces on tour together in the new year. This was definitely a fantastic way to end this year on a high note; it was such a huge announcement. We’re sure the Better With U Tour will be a total success (really – a lot of the stops are already sold out!).
5. Performing the National Anthem at Dallas Cowboys/Miami Dolphins Thanksgiving Football Game
On Thanksgiving, the guys got to perform the National Anthem at a football game watched by millions, which was a big time deal for them. It was especially great for Logan, since he grew up in that area.

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