Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Time Cooking ...

James: Just call him Chef James! James says he’s a pro at whipping up his signature dishes. “All the guys enjoy eating, but I love food,” He says. “I want it to be delicious because I want to eat it myself. I make some pretty mean steaks and throw them on the grill.”
Carlos: If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Carlos is definitely your guy! The cutie claims that he’s an expert at making yummy Rice Krispies Treats. “I only know how to cook a couple things, but that’s my homemade specialty,” he spills. “I like to call them Rice Crizzle Treats. They’re really good.” Carlos also has a magic touch with potatoes. ” I make these potatoes that melt in your mouth,” he says. “They’re pure buttery potatoes, and I sprinkle some bacon on top!”
Logan: Logan explains that even though he’s not a great baker, he learned how to bake for an ex-girlfriend! “I had a girlfriend in the past who loved apple pie, so one year for her birthday, I learned how to make it,” he says. “It turned out pretty good. Once in a while I’ll make it. Props to everybody who bakes because it’s definitely a tough task. It’s just one of those things I can contribute, and people love it. My secret ingredient for apple pie is love!”
Kendall: Kendall reveals he learned to cook because his mom never did! “I love it,” he says. “I make my own Kendall Cobb salad with greens, eggs, sprouts and roasted sundried tomato dressing. I actually cooked for one of my exes every night. Girls like it when you cook!”

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