Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Little Birds" Set For June 2012 USA Release

Carlos with Some of the Cast of "Little Birds"
Everybody wants to know when we will finally get to see Carlos play a different character as Louis in the movie "Little Birds" and it looks like way may have an answer (hopefully). IMDB reports that the movie will be released to the USA in June 2012! Keep in mind though, the release date has been pushed back a few times before.
"Little Birds" tells the story of Lily (Juno Temple) and her best friend Alison (Kay Panabaker), two 15 year-old girls living near the shores of California’s Salton Sea, a heavily polluted lake in the middle of the desert. What was once an oasis for the wealthy and famous has become a near ghost town with trailer parks, abandoned hotels, and beaches full of dead fish and dying birds.

Lily is sprinting towards adulthood, with the hope of escaping the chains of her overbearing mother, Margaret (Leslie Mann), and her small, dying hometown. Alison is a tomboy being raised by her alcoholic father and Hogan (Neal McDonough), a wise and traveled local rancher, content with slowly strolling through life, sheltered from the uncertainty and complications of growing up.

When the girls meet three older skateboarders, David (Chris Coy), Jesse (Kyle Gallner), and Louis (Carlos Pena)from Los Angeles, Lily convinces Alison to steal a truck and follow the boys to the “City of Angels.” Once in L.A., they fall into the boys’ world of scams and petty crime. When the boys hatch a new plan to use Lily as “bait,” the girls are torn apart. Things quickly spiral out of control as Lily must decide how far she will go to grow up and Alison must decide how far she will go to protect Lily. (Summary from HuntingLane.com)

Stay tuned to CPN for more details as we get them!
Article By: Joe Cage, CarlosPenaNOW.com

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