Thursday, January 26, 2012

Music Mondays: Big Time Rush vs. One Direction

Aren’t boy bands like a universal love? People from different countries might have their differences, but who can say no to groups of adorable boys singing love songs? The European hotties of One Direction are getting more and popular and the United States has contributed the hysterical bunch of guys from Big Time Rushto the international boy band mix, but which boy band is the ultimate? We tried our best to break it down, but it’s a tough call all around – catchy tunes, cute boys…Oh and some swoon-worthy accents.
Catchiest Song: “Boyfriend” or “What Makes You Beautiful”
Winner: “What Makes You Beautiful”
“Boyfriend” is definitely a song that gets stuck in our heads, but there’s something extra awesome about 1D’s single. Maybe it’s the cute accents singing it, but we just think it’s so utterly sweet!
Funniest guys: BTR or 1D
Winner: BTR
Okay, this one was barely even a competition. The Big Time Rush guys can entertain us for hours on end with their TV show! How can we not pick them?
What Makes Them Unique?: BTR’s TV show or 1D’s accents
Winner: The accents!
Obviously we love to watch BTR on TV, but we just can’t resist those incredibly charming British and Irish accents!
Best Dance Moves: BTR or 1D
Winner: BTR
No cute accent or catchy song can help you out in this category – Carlos, Logan, Kendall and James always have such great dance moves on and off stage!
Overall: BTR or 1D
Winner: We honestly can’t make up our minds – what do YOU think?


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