Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Selena Gomez Reveals How Much Was Raised for the UNICEF Show

Selena Gomez recently did a show for UNICEF and she shared how much she helped them raise. She was the main act and helped raise more than $200,000 for them. While she did not have the exact total, she did seem excited about what she did know that she helped raise. Here is her tweet regarding the exciting news that she is proud of sharing with her fans.
Thank You to all who came out to the show last night at House of Blues on Sunset. That is one of the shows I look forward to the most and cannot wait for next year’s show. Thank you to @only1noah and @bigtimerush for being a part of the show. I don’t have an exact number but together we all raised over 200,000 dollars to benefit UNICEF. Were helping to save the lives of children all over the world.
I am happy to see that she did so well for her charity of her choice. This is great news for her and I think we all know that she has star power to do this kind of level for charity. She certainly has a long line of ties to UNICEF and it seems like her work with them has matured along with her. As she hinted, she cannot wait for next year’s show, so it seems like she is in this for the long run.
How do you like her connection with UNICEF? It is a nice to see that she hasn’t dropped her work with them and that means a lot. I think most people would drop something like once they got older. However, she didn’t and I respect her so much for that. It really must be a passion of hers, that much I think we can conclude.
article source-Disney InfoNet
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