Friday, January 6, 2012

What's Next for Big Time Rush?

After their awesome summer tour, the release of their new album, 'Elevate', and wrapping production on their Big Time Movie, you'd think the BTR boys would stop to take a breather. Nope! Think again. Now it's time to gear up for season three of their side-splitting TV show. But what do the boys have in mind for their characters in the new year? According to their recent PopStar! interview, we could be in for much more than we think.

The boys took turns telling the mag what they have in mind for their characters in the future. Kendall Schmidt said, "I think it would be really interesting if Jo came back -- let's just hope Kendall doesn't have a girlfriend; that would be drama! Obviously I'd also like to see my character have a lot of funny stuff; he's always been kind of the straight guy so it'd be cool to have a couple goofy story lines in the third season."
Logan Henderson continued, "I would have to say I'd probably like to see a bigger arc for my character, Logan Mitchell. As a character I think it would be cool for him to learn a little bit more and take more risks and take more chances. I think it'd be cool to see his relationships and the different people he comes into contact with; see where that goes and where that takes him."
James Maslow said, "James Diamond is definitely one who likes the ladies and I've had a lot of fun in different story lines meeting a girl and having crazy adventures in that regard. I think it would be nice, though, to see him become a little bit more serious and maybe find a girl that he actually likes, find a potential girlfriend or have a recurring story line versus one based on a guest star."
Carlos Pena added, "Can a guy get a girlfriend? Haha! That would be awesome. [The creators] asked me what I want in a story line. They were like, 'What do you guys want?' and I was like, 'Can I get a girlfriend?' They were like, 'Okay, anyways...Logan what do you want?' and ignored me!"
Well, stay positive, Carlos! You never know what the future may hold for this awesome new season. And just in case the creators do decide to throw a new GF into the equation, we're pretty sure we'll have no problems finding gals to audition!


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