Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big Time Rush is on MTV chat with fans via Twitter

1. Your favorite songs right now? (Sent by @ moroccanrusher)
Answer: Our favorite song is now Summit, Skrillex feat. Ellie Goulding!

2. Hey, guys! How is London? (Sent by @ BTRsimpson)
Answer: AMAZING! VERY cold .. but we love it here!

3. Describe Big Time Movie in four words. (Sent by @ Rusherholic_)

4. Do you have a UK tour planned in the near future? (Sent by @ xomitch16xo)
Answer: We are coming here later in the summer to do some shows!!

5. Elevate's favorite song? (Sent by @ TheJessPena)

6. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? (Sent by @ Julia_TeamBTR)
Answer: C - Coffee L - Choco Cookie, J - Vanilla, K - Flakes Vanilla

7. How about an Asian tour? We die every day of waiting you! (Sent by @ YasminRaihan)
Answer: YES! We love our fans in Asia!!!

8. What was the best thing that happened to you in 2011? (Sent by @ BigTimeRush_UK)
Answer: Having our second album!!

9. What is your favorite movie of yours? (Sent by @ AshleyDottin)
Answer: K - There Will Be Blood, J - Zoolander, L - Anchorman!, C - Usual Suspects

10. Would you like to come to Malaysia and perfomar here one day? (Sent by @ farahamni06)
Answer: YES!

11. What is the favorite of yours? (Sent by @ victoriashuflat)
Answer: C - That 70s Show, L - Entourage, J - Justified K - Walking Dead

12. What was the craziest moment on stage for you? (Sent by @ JamesBTRLover)
Answer: Perfomando to 75 000 people in Mexico!!

13. Do you plan to offer the Beatles made for you on iTunes? (Sent by @ stelakos_89)
Answer: Well, you do not want to know :)

14. What would you like to do after a long day of recording? In addition to sleep: D (@ sent by julia793)
Answer: Hanging out with friends!

15. What is your favorite iPhone app? (Sent by @ BRLovesLogan)
Answer: Well, Jams Run Temple is playing as we speak!

16. What is you favorite soda? (Sent by @ katara4)
Answer: Dr. Pepper!!

17. What is your wildest dream? (Sent by @ SchmidtsLady)
Answer: K - RUN TO THE EXTENT OF A CLIFF AND FLY ... Well, hang-gliding!

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