Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big Time Rush on their love for British girls (especially Cheryl Cole)

After winning legions of fans in the US with their hit TV show, Big Time Rush, the cute boyband of the same name have headed across the pond with a new album and one-off gig to wow us British ladies.
But just who are the fit foursome? In the show they may play 16 year-olds trying to crack the music business, but the lads are far from cheesy kids' TV stars.
In real life, James Maslow, 20, Logan Henderson, 20, Kendall Schmidt, 20 and Carlos Pena, 21, are hot, charming and seriously talented to boot.
Having collaborated with Snoop Dogg, attracted five million viewers to the show, and shifted over two million digital tracks worldwide, this year looks set to be all about the big time boy-band.
What's more, it's clear they like British girls. A lot.
omg! roving reporter Ellie Woodward caught a moment with the guys before they went on stage to chat about their ideal women, secret crushes and getting their groove on.
Guys, how does it feel to be releasing your album in the UK?
Carlos:  It's awesome!
Logan: We love the album — we spent a long time on it. We have two singles that we're pushing, called 'Big Night' and 'Till I Forget about You.'
Carlos: I don't think any of us imagined having an album, actually. Even before the TV show I don't think any of us imagined it. Now that we have one coming out in the UK, it's so cool.
James: We played a show at Shepherd's Bush Empire a couple of months ago, far before the album was about to come out. We had such an amazing turn out, I really feel confident that we're going to have a good reaction here in the UK. So knock on wood, I think it'll be great.
We think so too. So what do you make of us British girls?
*Logan wolf-whistles*
Logan: Amazing! I love the accent, it gets me every time. I feel like English girls are much more proper. They're more polite and they have a shy sexiness about them.
Carlos: You know what? It is the accent. They can say anything — they could recite a menu and it'd sound good.
Kendall: They could even say that they're not interested in you and it'd still be cute!
James: What he's saying is he really doesn't listen to what girls say.
Kendall: Aw come on! I'm a listener.
What do you guys look for in a girl, then?
Carlos: An English accent! That's pretty much it.
Kendall: A great personality is the first thing.
Logan: I like someone that can make me laugh. Spontaneity is huge for me, too. A girl that's spontaneous is always good.
Kendall: I think the one thing we all agree on is a passion, a girl who has a passion in life — something she likes to do. That's the most important thing.
James: Definitely. You can meet a girl who's pretty and she seems interesting but we're all so driven at this point. We really love what we do and it's hard when somebody doesn't know exactly what they want to do or isn't trying.
Do you have any secret celeb crushes then?
James: Not secrets — I think we find all hot celebrities hot!
Carlos: You know who's pretty beautiful and who's from the UK? Cheryl Cole.
Cheryl Cole is a very good choice. 
Carlos: She's hot, right? High five!
Kendall : I still have a crush on Jessie J.
She's a bit more alternative, isn't she...
James: But even with the broken leg she's still hot.
Kendall: She's intense, don't get me wrong, but there's something about that girl.
Logan: If we're on the English girls then I'm going to have to say Keira Knightley. I've always been a fan of hers. She's very pretty.
Carlos: I still think Cheryl Cole takes the win.
Moving on from girls, we've been watching your videos and you have some serious dance routines. Who do you think is the best mover in the band?
Kendall: Whenever we're all actually doing the same thing at the same time, that's when it looks really good! I didn't dance before this so it was something I had to learn and get better at.
James: We kind of joke about it because we like to dance but none of us are trying to be exactly the same.
Logan: We're not a dance group either. It's all about vibes for us and having a good time — that's more our style.
James: It's like choreographed chaos.
Finally, what was your last omg! moment?
James: I'd say when I was listening to that Usher song. *sings* 'Oh My Gosh.'

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