Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Time Rushs' awkward meeting with 1D

When to comes to meeting One Direction awkward is not a word we’d use to describe hanging out with the boys. However, American boy band Big Time Rush have revealed that meeting the 1D boys was difficult,
“It was nice to meet them in LA two weeks ago but when we met them we were doing a Nickolodeon promotion, so it was kind of like awkward and we were trying to meet these guys and there were Nickolodeon cameras. We had to be Nickolodeon friendly.”
Thankfully for both groups after some initial unease they soon got on just fine – a good thing too, as One Direction are due to support BTR on their US tour. The Big Time Rush boys admitted that they loved 1D’s sense of humour.
“We found out quickly that they had the same sense of humour and we’re gonna have a great time on tour.  We love the British sense of humour; I think it’s a little bit dirtier than the American. It’s too PC in America.”
The boys might all be on the same wave-length when it comes to joking around, however Big Time Rush reckon they have much better style than One Direction, boasting that they are cooler and sexier
“They are very Topshop. We wear Armani , more dark and cool and sexy. I think it varies but sometimes we wear tanks and shorts.”

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