Monday, February 20, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Big Time Rush’s L.A. Concert — We Were There!

We were at Big Time Rush’s Better With U tour on Saturday, February 18 in Los Angeles, California, and let’s just say, we had the “Time Of Our Life.” Kendall spilled, “This is so cool, man. I’ve lived here [L.A.] my entire life, and it’s so awesome to play a show here at the Gibson [Amphitheatre].” The boys totally rocked the stage all night. Logan, James, Kendall and Carlos work hard all year long and it shows because this tour has elevated a litter higher than their summer one (as if things could get better than that tour, right?!)
This time around, there’s a trampoline on the stage for the guys to jump on during different songs. Dancing, singing AND jumping? Talk about multitasking! We don’t want to spoil too much in case you’re going to their show, but it was pretty cool when Carlos and James took a video camera out and started to film the crowd. What do you think they’ll do with the footage?
During “Cover Girl,” BTR roamed through the audience, and then for “Worldwide,” the four hotties went back on the stage to serenade a lucky fan. Another highlight was right before their song, “Boyfriend.” When Carlos asked the crowd who was looking for a boyfriend, everyone screamed, and then Logan said, “Well, that’s good because I’m looking for a girlfriend!” Wow, do you think he would really date a fan?!
In the audience we spotted Halston Sage (the How to Rock actress who James is rumored to be dating). BTR’s costar, Ciara Bravo (Kendall’s sister on the show) andSupah Ninjas’ Gracie Dzienny were also in attendance, rooting on the boys and tweeting pictures of themselves during the show.
Watch our videos of some BTR performance clips, and let us know if you plan on going to see them on tour. Which songs are you most excited to hear them sing? Tell us in the comments!

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