Wednesday, February 29, 2012


(Music critic Nick Krewen forsook Oscar night and took in the Big Time Rush/ One Direction concert at the Air Canada Centre on Sunday. His assessment below.)
When it comes to the constantly evolving pop music genre, guarantees of success are few and far between.
But the closest thing to a sure bet – especially when it comes to siphoning oodles of cash from the purse-strings of the 8-to-15-year-old prepubescent female (via their unfortunately victimized parents, of course, who have been browbeaten and traumatized by their screaming children to the point of white flag submission)  has been the pre-fabricated boy band.
Despite their proclivity for providing the musical equivalent of birdcage liner, these seemingly wholesome song-and-dance eye-and-ear gigolos offer laboratory-engineered, empty-hearted (and headed) promises of romance designed to infiltrate juvenile DNA and inflame budding hormones, with a charming and innocent flair that rarely exposes them for the predatory capitalists they are.
And, judging by the hysteria displayed by the thousands of screaming young girls at the Air Canada Centre on Sunday night, that trend is unlikely to change anytime soon, as you can now add the Disney-engineered Big Time Rush to the Hall of Infamy: Pop Lothario edition occupied by The Osmonds, The Jackson 5, Duran Duran, New Kids On The Block, New Edition, The Backstreet Boys, ‘NSYNC, The Jonas Brothers and, yes, Justin Bieber.

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