Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Photo credit: @beforeyouexit on Twitter.
Fresh off the All the Way Tour with Allstar Weekend, The After Party, and Hollywood Ending, local Orlando band, Before You Exit, was spotted at the Big Time Rush show at Universal Studios on March 10th. The pop-rock quartet, consisting of brothers Connor and Riley McDonough, Thomas Silvers, and Braiden Wood, took the time to take in a show and to promote their music. So why should Big Time Rush fans check them out? Their music is very similar to that of Big Time Rush. They have a great mix of up-beat songs and heartfelt ballads. They currently have two EPs released and are always working on new music. I could definitely see them touring with Big Time Rush in the future.
After the show they spent time hanging out and chatting with fans. I had the privilege of meeting them during the All the Way Tour and after the show on Saturday. They are amazingly sweet and very passionate about what they do. I highly recommend that you give their music a listen.
Check them out here:
Twitter: @beforeyouexit

Source: bigtimerushTV

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