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Big Time Rush Chats About All Our Favorite Things: One Direction, Cody Simpson…and Themselves!

Big Time Rush with Teen Editor Dan Koday
Here’s what it’s like to be a Teen.com editor: You get an e-mail asking if you want to attend Big Time Rush‘s iHeartRadio Live concert in NYC. With Rachel Crow. Oh, and Cody Simpson. You, of course, being the smart editor you are, respond ‘yes’. You then proceed to go to the concert where you have 15 mins to interview the BTR guys. You wait on a special line while all the screaming fans yell mean things at you because they’re jealous and know you’re going to have 1:1 face time with the guys. 
This may or may not have actually happened.
 You then get to chat with Carlos, Kendall, Logan and James about One Direction, Twitter and the embarassing songs on their iPod. Oh, and then you snap a pic with the guys.
Yup, that’s our lives. Now here’s what transpired…
TEEN: You’re about to perform a concert with Rachel Crow & Cody Simpson — what’s your favorite Cody Simpson song?
Carlos: The only one I really know is “iY, iY, iY.”
Kendall: I don’t know if we’re supposed to tell you this 
(woops, we printed it anyway)
, but we heard a new song that he’s working on…it’s called “So Listen,” and I think he’s doing an acoustic version today, which is really cool. The track version is almost dubsteb, which we love dubsteb so we’re all like “Oh heck yea man! We’re all over it!” But today he’s doing it acoustic.
TEEN: What’s it like working with the One Direction guys on your tour, Better With U? Their fans remind us of yours in the very beginning.
Carlos: They’re really talented guys, and really funny. They kind of have the same sense of humor as us, which is good. And you know what, a duet may be something in the future, who knows? Maybe even a video. Is it called a duet though when there’s nine dudes?
Kendall: It’s a dude-et.
Logan: But actually Niall has made an effort and he hangs out with us quite often. He watched our acoustic soundcheck yesterday. We pulled him out on stage and embarrassed the crap out of him.
One Direction Concert
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TEEN: You said that they have the same sense of humor as you guys. So what’s happening behind-the-scenes when you’re working with them?
Logan: Well, the video Carlos did with them doing “Live Fruit Ninja”, where they slice fruit with knives…they throw a piece of fruit into the air and slice it. That kind of stuff. Ridiculous things. We probably have done something like that too.
Carlos: There’s gonna be a special video coming out with us and 1D. I’m not sure if you saw the “Call Me Maybe” video (Editor’s note: We did!), but we’re making one with a special song that I can’t tell you about, but it’s gonna be us and them. It’s gonna be pretty crazy.
TEEN: We asked our Twitter followers their questions for you. @BigTimeRush93 wants to know: What’s the best inspiration for writing a song?
Logan: I was gonna say a lot of things inspired this last album, but one thing that remains true is this last year and a half of growth and all the changes that we’ve been going through. Obviously the fans are the most important things to us, so those things pretty heavily influenced our album.
Kendall: And also… girls.
James: I mean, a lot of songs are about girls. Sometimes its about a specific girl, it’s about girls in general or a girl you want. It can be imaginary. A girl you idolize — everybody wants that perfect somebody. I don’t think anybody perfect exists, but a lot of songs try to capture the impossible.
TEEN: @jenny_music asks, What does someone have to do to get followed by you guys on Twitter?
Kendall: Sometimes it’s random for me, I’ll just be like I’m going to follow someone today. I probably should do it more often.
Carlos: I hate seeing where its like “Hey, follow me – 1″, “Hey, follow me – 2″ and it gets to 99, and they just keep doing it.
Logan: Spam doesn’t help. It’s spontaneous for sure.
James: I just followed a few people in the past couple days because my fans helped me get to half a million followers. And what I looked for… a lot of times, honestly, it wasn’t the person that was rooting for themselves. It was when their friends were like “Hey, this person really loves you” and I saw multiple tweets kind of rooting for someone else, and I thought, that support is really cool of their friends.
Kendall: You know what doesn’t work, because I do see all of them, is when they say “Oh, he’s never gonna see this”. They go “I wish he’d follow me but he’s never gonna see this anyway” and I’m like, actually, I just read that. We read all of them. So if anything, say positive things over negative ones.
TEEN: @LittleMissCindy asks, What’s your favorite home-cooked meal?
Carlos: POTATOES! Anything potatoes for me. Got really excited there.
Kendall: I put together a really hearty cobb salad when I go home and make it myself. I go to Whole Foods and get all the different ingredients; I boil the eggs, cook bacon, cut the avocados and make this big huge salad.
James: Anything breakfast…I like to cook scrambled eggs, my favorite meal of the day. But home-cooked, my dad makes a ravioli that is to die for.
Logan: I’m from Texas, as you know, so barbecue. Barbecue is my jam.
Big Time Rush iHeartRadio Live NYC Concert
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TEEN: @jaz1925 asks, What’s the embarrassing song that’s on your iPod right now?
BTR: (Singing One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”) Baby, you light up my world like nobody else… Or “Call Me Maybe” for sure.
TEEN: Are you guys into Lana Del Ray at all?
Logan: I’ve heard Lana Del Ray, there’s actually a song that I like. People just trashed her when she went on SNL; I felt so bad for her, but I actually really enjoy a couple of her songs. I think she kinda has a cool vibe.
James: And you know what, everybody has their own thing going. She has a fanbase — obviously people love her. I think she’s great, I just like something original and it’s definitely original which is cool.

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