Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big Time Rush Talk Summer Tour, Carlos’ Infamous Speedo & Prom Memories!

Big Time Rush sure has a busy few months ahead of them!
Not only are they in the middle of filming the third season of their hit Nickelodeon show, but they’ll spend their summer touring the country, as well as making new music all at the same time. Luckily, Celebuzzwas able to catch up with three of the four guys recently, and talk to them about what we can expect from the Big Time Tour, their mini-vacay to Hawaii and their favorite prom memories!
While James Maslow had a great prom story for us, sadly, Kendall Schmidt‘s prom memories were a little different. Why, you ask?
Kendall, 21, was home schooled and never went to a prom! How sad! But, Carlos Pena jokingly gave a fake phone number at the end, and urged girls to ask Kendall to their prom! Too funny.
We also talked to them about their non “touristy” Hawaian vacay last week, where Carlos told us he decided to wear that infamous Speedo.
“I just felt like wearing it out. My dad used to wear them and I’d be like ‘Ew daddy, gross!’”
Looks like the tables have turned!
To hear more about James’ awesome prom memories, and much more, watch the video above!

source: celebuzz 

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