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We recently spoke with Tanya Chisholm (Kelly Wainwright on Big Time Rush) about filming, music, and more! She talks to us about her audition process and walks us through a day on set. Check out our exclusive interview below…
How has Big Time Rush been different than any other project you have worked on? Well BTR is the first series that I have been a regular character on, so it has been different (and AWESOME) going to work and really feeling like everyone on set is your family! We spend at least 12 hours with each other everyday, so we laugh together, fight with one another, and lend our support if someone is feeling down. Even all of our dogs are friends! I think it’s rare to find a cast and crew that are as close as we are at BTR!
What was the audition process like for Kelly Wainwright? The audition process for Kelly was pretty much like any other audition! They gave me one scene to audition with between Kelly and Gustavo, liked me and then called me back to do it again in front of the producers. At the time, the show was untitled and I had no idea what it was even about! The role of Kelly was supposed to be just a recurring character, not a series regular, so I was confused when they called me in a THIRD time to audition in front of the entire network! That 3rd audition was the nerve racking one because I was realizing that the project was going to bigger than I thought since they were auditioning so seriously. There were 20 people in the room and they had narrowed it down to just 4 girls! Luckily, coming from a background of live theater, I am used to “playing towards an audience” and I nailed it! The rest is history…
Can you tell us what a day of filming is like? A typical day of shooting involves (first) putting your party pants on in the morning before heading to set… you will need them! Once we arrive to the set, we go to hair and make up to get ready for the episode. The hair and make up trailer are always fun. We bump loud music and have dance parties in there to get pumped up for the next 12 hours of shooting. After that we get changed in our dressing rooms and head to set to start shooting. Before we actually shoot the scene, the director will “block” it; which basically means he choreographs the action of the scene and where all the actors need to be standing etc. After the scene is blocked, and we know what we are doing, the producer and creator of the show (Scott Fellows) will rehearse the scene to get the performance he wants out of us, and then we will shoot it… a gazillion times! We have to shoot a master shot, close ups, reactions, etc. for every scene so it takes a looooong time to complete a scene. We just keep shooting till we finish shooting all the scenes we have scheduled for the day. Although this ends up being a lot of work, we are laughing and joking around the whole time so it’s always fun!
Is there anything that you can you tell us about season 3? Season 3 is gonna be awesome. That’s all I can say!
If you could write your own episode of Big Time Rush , what would the episode be about? If I could write an episode of BTR, it would involve the boys getting into some sort of trouble where they can’t get to one of their performances and Gustavo (Steven Glickman) and Kelly have to stall the crowd by performing! Both he and I are also singers so it would be fun to get to be the ones doing the musical performance!
What is your favorite Big Time Rush song? My favorite BTR song has yet to be released! I get a little sneak listen to the new stuff they are working on, and let me tell ya, the music gets even better! But right now my fav song that HAS been released is “Music Sounds Better With U”.
Are there any similarities between Kelly and yourself? Kelly and I are pretty different. Usually Kelly is the one getting people OUT of trouble and cleaning up everyone else’s messes, but in real life I am usually the one making the mess! We do share a love of music, high waisted pencil skirts, and cute band members.
What is your favorite Big Time Rush episode and who was your favorite guest star? – Erin (@ErinLovesBTR26) My favorite BTR episode so far has got to be Big Time Fever. “Orange James” is just too funny of a concept for me. That is how he saved in my phone and every time his name comes up it cracks me up. My favorite guest star was Snoop Dog! I mean it doesn’t get anymore epic than Snoop.
Do you want a love interest on the show? If so, who would you play your love interest? – Kathleen (@kathleenbtr4) Of Course I want a love interest! Is it too much to ask for Ryan Gosling? I think not…
Have you ever got pranked by one of the Big Time Rush boys? If so, have you ever pranked them back? – Diana (@TheChris17751) The boys actually have never really pranked me. They usually prank each other. I get a lot of hugs though! #luckylady!

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