Saturday, June 30, 2012


Boy Bands are back, and these guys started the trend. Meet Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan, otherwise knows as Big Time Rush. The debut episode of their TV show, Big Time Rush, was the highest-rated live-action series debut ever for Nickelodeon. Since then these guys have shot into super-stardom. BTR took some time out of their busy schedule to tell Spotlight a little more about what they’ve been up to and what’s to come–and of course of about the Big Time Summer Tour, sponsored by Verizon, which kicks of this July!

VS: Did any of you imagine the show would be as big as it is? What has this experience been like for you? James: Before this, we had our own bands, our own projects. Being on the show has brought us so many opportunities, especially in music. Four years ago, when we started this whole thing, there were no boy bands. Now they’re making a comeback. We’re proud to be apart of it.

VS: How do you guys compare to your Big Time Rush characters? Carlos: My character isn’t afraid to try new things. He’s fearless. I’m really cautious. The one who’s probably most like his character would be Logan.

VS: What can fans expect on the tour this summer? Kendall: We’re pretty much taking the tour that we have now and amping it up. It’ll be great. Everything’s going to be bigger. Regardless of whether or not everybody knows our songs, we hope they can come to the show and be entertained. Logan:There’s going to be lots of choreography, bigger stages and more songs. It’s going to be a fun experience for the whole family. We’re hitting a lot of cities. So fans who want to see us can see the show without having to travel too far.

VS: What’s next for Big Time Rush? How do you see the show and the band evolving over the next few years? Carlos: If you look back from when we first began to right now, we’ve grown so much. We’re changing, our music’s changing and our fans are growing along with us.

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