Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Big Time Rush is ready to hit the road this summer, but before they do, the guys have some new tunes for their fans.
Not only did Celebuzz reveal the lyrics to BTR’s newest single “Windows Down” on Thursday, but now, you can listen to the guys — Logan Henderson, Carlos Pena, James Maslow and Kendall Schmidt — sing the chorus of the “epic” song. CB also caught up with Kendall to chat about their new music and the music video for their latest track, too. Take a listen above.
Now that we’ve heard the chorus of “Windows Down,” what exactly can we expect from their upcoming music video?
Kendall revealed that the video occurred while they were on vacation together in Maui. “We took GoPros and filmed [with our iPhones] whatever we were doing. We were cliff-jumping and hiking through the forest and jumping off of waterfalls,” he said.
He continued: “We had such a great time, and Carlos put together this 15-second thing with the song intro. And we played it for our record label because we were looking for a music video idea and nothing was really clicking. [Carlos] kind of put the treatment together, and we all had a meeting and he pitched the idea.”
“It fits really well with the song, because it’s a great summer single.”

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