Friday, July 27, 2012

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt

Yes, we know, Big Time Rush is on tour and they’re super busy.  But we still got a chance to talk with them (well, Kendall and Logan.)  They were not only excited to chat about their tour, but they wanted to tell us about  The service can best be described as a new celebrity greeting service, connecting fans with their favorite stars through customized phone calls and e-cards.
See what the boys of BTR had to say about CelebCalls, and find out what it’s like to hit the road with Big Time Rush down below!

Fanlala: This has to be your biggest tour, so far.  What’s the most memorable experience that both of you have had in the past few weeks?
Kendall Schmidt: It's been great to be on the road again and playing arenas this time around. Every gig has a lasting memory uniquely its own. 
Logan Henderson: Playing Dallas, my home town, was incredibly surreal. I'll remember it forever.

F: This week, James celebrated his birthday.  What did you guys do to celebrate?
KS: Group workout.
LH: And frozen protein shake popsicles. (completely false)

F: With this new service, what can fans expect from the service?
KS: CelebCalls allows our fans to create and send a personal message using our voice to one of their friends.  
LH: We think it's a fun and unique way to connect.

F: Are there any celebs you would have wanted to call you when you were younger?
KS: Any cast member of the original "Power Rangers.”
LH: Why you gotta steal my answers fool?!

F: Do you get to spend free time with Rachel or Cody during tour down time?
KS: Not as much as some might think. Everybody's constantly in motion on tour. 
LH: "Downtime" is usually spent grabbing a nap in seemingly impossible places.

F: What’s the weirdest or most unique thing a fan has done for each of you in the past?
KS: Last week I got a stuffed bear wearing a t-shirt with a childhood picture of myself on it. Thought that was pretty unique idea.
LH: Kendall's constantly showering me with gifts. He's my biggest fan.

F: If you had to come up with ANY name in the world (The “silly one,” the “sporty one,” the “funny one,” etc.) what would you pick for each other, and why?
KS: Scary Spice for Logan; share a tour bus and you'd know.
LH: Baby Spice for Kendall cause he's the youngest.

Let us know if you plan on using CelebCalls to have Logan, Kendall, or any other celebrities call yours or a friend’s phone!  You can check you Logan's CelebCalls page here, and Kendall's here.  We wouldn’t have a problem with them having our number!


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