Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Time Rush Concert Review: A Tour For 'Rushers'

Thousands of "Rushers," flooded into Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View to see the four super stars that comprise Big Time Rush. And these four are now performing in big time venues. Earlier this year the foursome were on their first tour and tickets were selling quicker than Taylor Swift changes partners. After the overwhelming response the band went from small auditoriums to large arenas. Not only did they bring two solid opening acts along, in Rachel Crow and Cody Simpson, they brought lots of confetti and pyro as well. 

Picture an Australian Justin Bieber, with a stronger voice and better dance moves, and you have Cody Simpson. The teen heartthrob opened the show and launched into a 45 minute set that had the crowd on their feet. There isn't much Simpson can't do. He hit his dance cues flawlessly, played a guitar solo and gave the screaming girls up front a few smiles. If the speed at which a small mob of girls ran at Simpson when they spotted him skateboarding outside of his bus before showtime is any indication of his popularity, than he'll be headlining larger venues soon. 

Some scoff at the newly rejuvenated boy band craze and especially at Big Time Rush. The four guys that comprise the group may not be seasoned musicians, but to twenty thousand screaming fans they're the real deal. The average age of the audience was young. For much of the crowd this concert was their first. When the guys mentioned the Beatles the amphitheater became eerily quiet. Had they covered the Wiggles the decibel level would've increased. Regardless of the criticism, the band was hard at work entertaining the massive audience from the first note. Judging by the shrill screams and dance party that ensued in the aisles, their hard work was paying off.

The production level of the show has increased equally with the size of the audiences the foursome are playing to these days. Multiple showers of sparks rained down from above the stage and confetti launchers were strategically placed around the lower bowl of the venue. The obligatory slow song was sung to four shocked fans, all of them perched on stools next to one of their idols. Three of them being what you'd expect, crying teens decked out in homemade t-shirts declaring their love for the band. The one that stood out was the mom Carlos had lead on stage. She was equally as excited to be there and got the same kiss on the cheek the other three did. 

The music is catchy and the show is a non stop barrage of lights, sparks and members of the band launching themselves dozens of feet in the air on a trampoline. These four are talented and they have viciously loyal fans. Whether or not their ridiculous popularity will last or not has yet to be seen. For now it's a stadium tour that will last until the end of summer. Along with that will come thousands of memories for thousands of young kids. This tour is for the "Rushers," who will undoubtedly have an unforgettable night.


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