Friday, August 10, 2012

Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt Reveals Secret to Staying Fit on Tour

When out on the road, every singer has a secret to staying in shape.

Katy Perry puts her faith in fresh-pressed juices and coconut water; Justin Timberlake sticks to short but vigorous sweat sessions; Colbie Caillat is all about her vegetarian diet; and Kenny Chesney rarely touches bread or diary products.

Now in an exclusive Celebuzz video, Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt is revealing his on-tour health regime. 

“When you’re on tour, one of the most important things, in my opinion, is staying healthy,” Schmidt admits. “Two things you have to do: diet and exercise.”

And getting his heart rate up is no problem. “When we’re on stage, we’re always burning calories,” he says. “We’re sweating like crazy.”

But it takes more than exercise to stay in tip-top form. “One thing that I do as far as diet goes is I have [what] I like to call … a life shake.”

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