Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Time Rush Star Kendall Schmidt Reacts to ‘The Bra Incident’

Big Time Rush fans can get a little crazy for their favorite foursome — and the boys wouldn’t have it any other way.

In August, Kendall Schmidt got a bit of a shock when a fan threw a bra at him on-stage. The 21-year-old accidentally swatted it away before he even realized what it was, as the crowd — and his bandmates — erupted in laughter.

What does Schmidt have to say about “The Bra Incident?”

“Rushers are the best fans, and they always surprise me,” he tells Celebuzz.

Big Time Rush are currently wrapping up their Big Time Summer Tour, with final shows in Canada, Mexico and Portland, Ore.

Kendall’s older brother Kevin Schmidt toured with BTR for a week over the summer, and he told Celebuzz that the experience was, well, a “big time rush.”

“When the boys weren’t performing, we watched late night movies on the bus after gigs, laughed a lot, and witnessed the inking of more than a few tattoos! I told Kendall and Logan, ‘I’m here to be the hundred-sixty pound fly on the wall.’ I think I succeeded,” he said.

In July, Kendall got inked with a sugar skull tattoo on his upper arm. The tat represents Mexico’s annual All Souls’ Day, which falls on Nov. 2. Coincidentally, that also happens to be Kendall’s birthday.

source:  celebuzz

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