Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Logan Henderson chats with MLive

When I asked my 7-year-old daughter, Phoebe, about Logan from “Big Time Rush,” she knew all about him.

“He’s the smart one,” she said. “He’s always getting them out of trouble.” Was that a twinkle in her eye? Like gaggles of other girls around the globe, Phoebe had been bitten by the Boy Band Bug. (Locals who also have the bug can scream their heads off Sunday as Big Time Rush make their “Rushers” blush en masse at Van Andel Arena.)

In a phone interview from Maine, Logan Henderson (Logan Mitchell on the show) confirmed that he is the smart one.

“I would like to think so,” he laughed. “I would like to think I am a pretty big thinker off camera too.”

Like the Monkees before them, the members of Big Time Rush star in a show about a boy band. The show perpetuates their music, and the music keeps its audience humming along and tuning in for more. The “boys” (all grown men in their early twenties) have parlayed TV tunes into two hit records, with one more on the way.

As for Henderson, he hadn’t envisioned boy band stardom and arenas filled with shrieking fans when he left his Dallas home at age 18 for the bright lights of Hollywood.

“I just felt like there was a huge passion I needed to fill,” he said. “I had no fallback plan, no plan B. I was open to the idea of doing anything. I love to entertain. Music kind of found me.”

Fans of the top-rated TV show know “BTR” is about the Tinseltown capers of four hockey players from Minnesota. Kendall (Phoebe’s favorite) leads the band, while James is the cute one, Carlos always wears his helmet, and as previously noted, Logan uses his noodle to get the dudes out of various made-for-TV jams. And then they jam together, or at least croon their preppy hearts out.

Henderson has found a new passion in songwriting. He co-wrote on the song “Oh Yeah” from their debut “B.T.R.,” and three songs from their follow-up “Elevate,” including “Music Sounds Better With U,” “Love Me Love Me” and “Superstar.”

“Songwriting is a form of art,” the soon-to-be-23-year-old said. “You can say whatever you’re feeling, and relate certain moments in life that connect with people in Maine or Michigan.” He’s busy penning numbers for their upcoming third studio album.

Whatever Henderson does, he works hard, realizing that’s the key to rising to the top of the heap.

“Joey Fatone from ‘Nsync told us the difference between them and everyone else was they worked harder than other guy bands out there,” he said. “That’s how I view my work in general.”

Though he admits “it’s definitely weird” to have the adulation of screaming fans, Henderson credits his family in Texas for keeping him on solid ground. “My family is my support system,” he said. “My 12-year-old sister helps a lot (in keeping him grounded). She’s tons of fun, and far more talented than me.”

With the ink barely dry on signing for a fourth season of the show, a new album in the works and a hit tour, Henderson will need his little sister more than ever. For now, the smart one is enjoying the ride.

“I know the four of us want to have Big Time Rush be the biggest, baddest thing ever,” Henderson said. “Then we want to work hard and see where we go individually when Big Time Rush is over.”

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