Monday, October 1, 2012

Big Time Rush Photobomb the Winner of Cambio's Do the Craze 2 Contest!

Trumpets, please! After sifting through dozens of hilarious photobombing pics, we finally have a winner of the $1,000 cash prize. And it is ...

... GladJewCame's super amazing pic with Big Time Rush! In it she's posing with Logan Henderson, but then finds out she was photobombed by none other than fellow band members Kendall Schmidt and James Maslow. How awesome is that?

Still, it was a tough decision. Vcasamento's mom photobombed her epic photo op with Nick Jonas, and KMarquez had us cracking up with her image, which showed her pal making a funny face in the frame of her arm. Too cute!

Bummed about not winning the $1,000 prize? There are still three days left to get in on Craze No. 3: Epic Fails. Submit your best epic fail here and tell all your friends to LIKE it on our site. The crazer who impresses our judges the most will get the sweet prize. Let's see what you've got. Good luck! 


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