Sunday, November 25, 2012

Logan Henderson Talks BTR, Other Boy Bands and Dating Dilemmas!

Nothing is off limits with Big Time Rush's Logan Henderson. He answered all of your burning questions in our live Q&A. And now he's answering all of ours!
Cambio caught up with Logan during his recent photo shoot and we talked Big Time Rush, boy bands (One Direction included!), and dating dilemmas.

Seems like we're not the only ones excited for the new season of Big Time Rush. "The 4th season is going to be 13 episodes, so it's going to be pretty jam-packed. It's going to be a lot of fun," Logan says.
Boy bands are always hot, but this year especially the UK has sent some amazing acts stateside. What does Logan think?
He's a bigger fan than you might have expected. "When [One Direction] first came out to the states, they opened for us. They were cool," says Logan. "The success they've had has been huge, and it's been awesome to see them take off."
Big Time Rush has had some of the best opening acts. "When we were in South America recently, The Wanted opened for us over there, and they're the coolest guys," says Logan. "We had a lot of fun and got into a lot of trouble."
Speaking of trouble, ready to be surprised? Logan says the guys have had trouble recently finding dates--but it's just because they have been working so much.
We can see how being away for long periods of time does have it's drawbacks, "I think we're just trying to figure out who's around. When you're gone for four months, it's like, 'Where did everybody go?'" he explains.

Don't worry, Logan. We would never forget about you!

So how will the guys ring in the New Year?
"Lets see...we're filming in January," says Logan. "And obviously the new album and then everybody having fun and doing stuff in between then!"

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