Sunday, December 2, 2012

Denyse Tontz interview with Celebrity Jabber!

Multi-talented star of popular Nickelodeon show “Big Time Rush” sits down with Celebrity Jabber for an exclusive interview plus a sneak-peak acapella performance of her new hit single “Better Than Nothing”. The actress, model, singer and songwriter shares what inspires her to write and shooting her latest YouTube music video in Venice Beach on nothing but an iPhone.

The eighteen year old television and singing star has her plate full these days.  Before she’s even hit 20, Tontz has built an impressive resume– currently she’s shooting the 4th season of Nickelodeon’s hit seriesBig Time Rush, as well as shooting a new live action comedy series for Disney called Dog with a Blog.
And as if all that weren’t enough, Tontz is currently promoting her new single and accompanying video, a funny take on teenage relationships called “Better Than Nothing,” in which she mixes a quirky Zooey Deschanel type of approach with Mickey Mouse Club pop star hooks and cuteness.
Celebrity Jabber’s previous post on Tontz only scratched the surface with this amazing young talent– now we’re lucky enough to be able to sit down with her!  CJ’s own Christina Giuseppe sat down with Tontz for a one-on-one interview to get the Disney and Nickelodeon star to dish on her inspirations in entertaining and how she manages to wear so many entertainer hats at once!
Giuseppe learned that as a young(er) actress, Tontz dreamed of becoming a singing star as well on her journeys to Los Angeles from her home in San Diego to audition for TV roles.  The Dog with a Blog star started writing songs at 11-years-old for fun, but only in the last couple years decided to make it a career aspiration.
Tontz told Celebrity Jabber that songwriting has always been a very therapeutic outlet for her.
“I have different methods for writing a song, no two songs are gong to be the same.  Sometimes I’ll be writing just to write, other times I come up with a melody and say ‘hey, I’ll put words to that,’” Tontz said.  ”[Current single "Better Than Nothing"] started out as a concept between my producer and I.  We were thinking of things teenage girls normally do and realized a common thought process they have is ‘I HAVE to have a boyfriend.’”
Tontz told Celebrity Jabber that she is a big fan of 90′s grunge popstress Alanis Morisette, and that singer’s individuality and outspokenness seem to have rubbed off on Tontz in the best of ways, as evidenced on “Better Than Nothing.”
“I’ve always loved Alanis Morisette– the way she puts things is so out of the box, and so different, and I’m sure at the time controversial. I love her for that.”
The Better Than Nothing video can be seen on Youtube and Tontz’s official site.  The quirky, Venice Beach shot video perfectly captures the fun-loving and quirky spirit of the Big Time Rush Star– viewers and fans, of which by Youtube’s count are heading upwards of half a million, might be shocked to learn that a simple iPhone, which the entire video was shot on, could produce such a slick product!  But hey, no one ever said cost effectiveness can’t pay dividends– the song and video are a hit!
Tontz is currently working on a full album, as well as shooting for Disney’s Dog with a Blog and the 4th season of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush.


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