Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stephen Kramer Glickman Dishes on “Big Time Rush,” Production Company and More!


Are you a fan of “Big Time Rush”? Then you’ll definitely want to check out our new chat with the hilarious Stephen Kramer Glickman.
Season 3 of BTR is underway and soon the gang will be heading back to film season 4. We had to chat with Stephen all about the show, what really goes on behind the scenes, and his super cool new projects!

Season 3 of Big Time Rush just finished airing. Did you have a favorite episode? I really enjoyed Bel Air Rush because I got to hang out with Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince, Fabio, Rachel Crow and a tiger in the same day. That was a TON of fun. But my favorite episode of season 3 was Big Time Bloopers because I got to host it with Ciara Bravo and we got to play ourselves. That was pretty sweet!
You get to do some crazy things as Gustavo. What has been your favorite stunt or thing you’ve gotten to do? Best stunt ever was getting run over by Snoop Dogg during Big Time Christmas. Snoop Dogg can run over me ANYTIME.
What is your favorite thing about playing Gustavo? I really love his clothes. I have always been a huge fan of hip hop clothing and am always checking out brands like Trap House, Diamond, Pink Dolphin to see what they got going on. But during the first season one of my biggest dreams came true when I got Sponsored by LRG because Gustavo wears LRG. I’ve been sponsored by LRG now for almost four years and they keep me looking fresh on all the big red carpets. That’s pretty sick! Also most of the hoodies I wear on the show were hand made one of a kinds just for me by the same people that make Lady Gaga’s costumes.
Funny story, when I first started on the show all my jewelry was fake. Then one day this lady comes to set and shows me the new stuff I will be wearing. I asked if I could take some necklace home because I liked it. She said I couldn’t because it costs $150,000. I was like what make you think I won’t rob you!!!! Ha ha.
What is it like behind-the-scenes on BTR. Do you pull a lot of pranks? Any jam sessions? You know it! Kendall is the jam session king. I have played the piano for 30 years so him and I jam all the time. That kid is a sweet Guitarist.
As far as pranks go, the best prank ever was a few years ago. Carlos had just seen the Paranormal Activity movie and was very scared of ghosts. One night there was a power failure on the lot and everyone was told to go home. Logan and I went into Carlos’s dressing room and hid in the dark. When Carlos came into the room using his cell phone to guide the way, we jumped out at him. He screamed and ran away yelling “you know I’m afraid of demons!!!!”
Best prank ever.
The show has been picked up for season 4. What would you love to see happen for Gustavo? For BTR? I think Gustavo needs to have a run in with an ex wife. Get somebody amazing for it like Maria Bamford. That would be my favorite thing ever.
Who would be your dream guest star? Ice Cube, Larry David, Sarah Silverman, Bryan Callen, Cee Lo, Tupac ‘s Hologram, Alan Thicke , Albert Brooks, Kelly Osbourne, Jerry O’connell, Eric Wareheim and Tim Heidecker.
Big Time Rush has been big for Nickelodeon. What is it about the show that you think people really love? My dogs!!!! Those kids are so talented! No other network has what we have. Four guys that can sing, are amazingly sweet to their fans, they can dance, they can act, they can write songs, they are hilarious AND they can blow your speakers out! Those boys make this show a hit and I am very proud to be able to call them my friends…or my dogs. Lol
You’ve been on Figure It Out as well. What is it really like to get slimed? Awesome. And very very cold. Slime is great! It’s been my dream to get slimed since I was a kid watching “You Can’t Do That on Television”.
You do a lot of things in your free time, like your clothing line, etc. What’s coming up with those? Any other projects in the works?I am proud to announce I have started a new company that is the most exciting thing I’ve ever worked on. Most people don’t know, but when I’m not shooting Big Time Rush, I am producing movies. In the past few years I have produced a pilot called “Small Business” for Comedy Central Digital, I was a producer on the Twilight spoof movie “Breaking Wind” for Lionsgate, and most recently I produced “30 Nights of Paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which got distribution by 20th Century Fox. While making these films I have always run into the same problem when it comes to hiring animals. It’s incredibly costly on a small budget to afford to have a dog on set, let alone a zebra. That is why I started Independent Film Animals. This company will help directors and producers get the vision that have worked so hard to achieve without going bankrupt. Our company will provide a wide range of animals for new projects. Whether you need Camels to ride in the desert, Otters to swim in your pool, Pigs to ride in your car or a Kangaroo to sit at your desk, I.F.A. will make your dreams a reality.
The company is set to open its doors officially Nov 30 2012.
What would be your dream project? I really want to be a series regular on a sitcom like “Big Band Theory” or “Two and Half Men”. I’d also love to produce and star in a western. I grew up riding horses, and I’d love to do that on film.
Any message for your fans? Believe in yourself. Don’t listen to the haters. Everyone knows, haters end up working at the gas station.

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