Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Logan Henderson Hearts His Job

logan henderson btr
Most of us would jump at the chance to follow BTR all day and join in on their shenanigans. Getting to tour the world, shoot cool episodes and record great music all seems like the best job EVER. And Logan Henderson agrees! He told The Magazine exactly what it is that makes his work so special.

logan henderson btr
Choosing favorites is never an easy task, so when Logan was asked to pick between filming the show, recording, or performing live, he had a tough time. "Oh, I can't pick! That's exactly the reason why I love the job," he said. "Just when you start to get sick of filming, then we go straight to the studio to go record what we're working on, and we're working on a second album already." But what happens when recording gets overwhelming? Logan explained, "When we get tired of that they're like 'Oh, lets go to Europe and you guys can do some live shows.' So we've been incredibly blessed with being able to switch it up." Sounds like a great mix!
logan henderson btr
With a schedule like this, we're pretty sure the boys are guaranteed to stay head over heels in love with their job. And that's great news for Rushers like us!

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