Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bandana Man Back On Set!

james maslow
Do you know Bandana Man? Well, if you're a true BTR fanatic, the answer should beyes! But just in case your memory needs refreshing, allow us to remind you...It's the alter ego of Big Time Rush heartthrob, James Diamond! But will this hilarious superhero make a return to the small screen? According to James Maslow, there just might be another purple-clad cameo in the works! He chatted with Smashing Interviews about the kooky character and how he just might have to suit back up into bandana garb on set!
james maslow
"Bandana Man has become quite an icon," James explained. "I get many questions and tweets about if he'll ever come back. I've been told he probably will. Bandana Man came about because I have long hair and when I work out I wear bandanas. Scott Fellows, the show's creator, thought that was really cool so he created a whole character out of Bandana Man...That's kind of a James Diamond version of becoming a super hero. It's his super hero in disguise. It was fun to play him so I'm actually looking forward to Halloween to see how many kids dress up as Bandana Man."
james maslow
Thanks to James, we've officially decided on next year's Halloween costume. And when it comes to Bandana Man's return, well, we'll be watching!


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