Monday, January 7, 2013

Doing the Chores are Fun!

The BTR Boys Do Chores

big time rush
While the thought of cleaning your room might make you wanna run for the hills screaming, we know of four guys that might not mind lending you a hand. Kendall SchmidtLogan HendersonCarlos Pena and James Maslow sat down to chat with Verizon FiOS and admitted, they actually like doing chores! Total shocker, right?
big time rush
Dish duty? Vacuuming? Mowing the lawn? We've all done our fair share of clean up. You've gotta make that allowance somehow! And that goes for the guys of BTR, too. "Definitely did a lot of chores growing up," James said. But believe it or not, even as famous superstars, they still partake in household chores. And they truly enjoy every minute of it! "After doing the kind of stuff that we do every single day, doing something like vacuuming is actually relaxing," Kendall said. "Because we do a lot of things that take a lot of mental strain and ability on our brains and then to do something that's just like, 'Ahh man, I can actually focus on just vacuuming the floor.'"
So next time your mom tells you to take out the trash, don't groan and roll your eyes. Just imagine you're hanging with the BTR boys. 'Cause to these guys, chores can be fun! It's a whole new world...

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