Sunday, January 13, 2013

The BTR Boys Dressing As Girls

big time rush
There's one thing that's guaranteed to make us LOL...and that's seeing the dudes ofBig Time Rush sporting flowery dresses and high heels! Hey, the joke never gets old. Whether they're going incognito to hide from Gustavo or doing a quick costume change at prom, the boys definitely know how to embrace their feminine sides. Just check out all the times we've seen them looking perfectly primped and pretty!
big time rush
Mrs. Knight helped to disguise Logan as an oh-so-gorgeous gal in Big Time Break.
big time rush
James went by Jamie in Big Time Prom King.
big time rush
Carlos became a beautiful brunette to play a prank in Big Time Live.
big time rush
And Kendall disguised himself as a lovely lady to avoid paparazzi in Big Time Sneakers.
But will we see the guys rocking lip stick and skirts in this year's new season? Well, there's definitely tons of funny stuff in their costume closets...Kendall Schmidt toldCambio, "We're gonna have fun, either way, this next season. I already have like seven wardrobe changes for this first episode, and I can tell you, they're ridiculous."
And as far as girly garb goes, Kendall revealed, "Spoiler alert! I'm not dressed up as a girl in the first episode." But don't worry, guys. We've got plenty of new episodes to come...


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