Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Time Rush Reveals Major Secrets From Season 4 & Upcoming Tour

There’s never a dull moment for the boys of Big Time Rush. Not only is the foursome busy filming the fourth season of their hit Nickelodeon show, but they’re also cranking out a third studio album and prepping for a tour. Carlos Pena, Jr. and Kendall Schmidt chatted with before the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards on March 23, and we got the scoop on what’s to come — including a few “special guests” joining the boys on the road!

“We are gung ho on getting the album out sometime this summer, and we’re shooting 13 episodes [of our Nickelodeon show] back to back,” Carlos told us. “We’re currently on the eighth episode … and we want to have it ready so the episodes go back-to-back with no repeats!”
And Carlos isn’t just co-starring on the show; he’s also directing the eleventh episode of the new season!
“[The episode] is called “Big Time Tour Bus,” so we’re going to be on a tour bus for an entire week.”
Adds Kendall, “The episode we’re doing has a video of a song that I wrote from a few years ago, and it will be on the third album.”
And speaking of the tour, Kendall told us the boys will be “announcing some tour dates and special guests in the next coming weeks.”

Carlos Explains Why He’s Excited To Direct An Episode

For the record, Carlos isn’t at all nervous about directing an episode. In fact, he told us it’ll be a piece of cake since he knows the other guys so well.
“It will be interesting,” Carlos told us about stepping behind the camera. ”I know what makes it run easier for us, and sometimes the other directors don’t understand that. Since we’ve done 80-90 episodes together, I can do something that makes things much smoother and more relaxed.”
And it sounds like Kendall agrees!
“I’ve seen how he’s developed his directing and filming skills … [I think] he is probably a lot better then what he gives himself credit for,” Kendall told us. “On set, we always talk about how we shouldn’t be doing an extra take because it won’t be used, so he knows that stuff. It’ll be more efficient and quicker.”
We can’t wait to check it out!

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