Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carlos Pena Sneaks Around Behind the Scenes of Big Time Rush

 Carlos Pena Big Time Rides
Carlos Pena is one sneaky Nick star, but hey, if it gets us a backstage look at the ‘Big Time Rush’ set, we have no problem with that. This morning, Carlos made a Keek video from the beginning of filming Episode 7 of ‘Big Time Rush.’ We learned that the episode is going to be called “Big Time Rides,” and from Carlos’ description of it, each member is going to be getting a cool boat or car or some other kind of ride! We even got to see a sneak peek of the set! We’re not sure what’s going on in the background, but it sounds intense, and we can’t wait to see this upcoming episode from the new season of ‘Big Time Rush’ on Nickelodeon!

Episode 7.. Day one!!
Mar 4, 2013| Source: Keek.com

source: fanlala.com

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