Wednesday, April 24, 2013

24/Seven Song List

For those of you who are curious, here is the list of the leaked songs (complete studio versions only):

1. Intermission (removed from Elevate)
2. Blow Your Speakers (demo version said to have been broadcasted on German radio, new studio version available on iTunes)
3. Featuring You (only features Kendall and Logan)
4. Shot in the Dark (short/episode version released in 2010, full version leaked in Feb. 2013)

The following are rumored to be on 24/Seven:

5. Cruise Control (originally by Cody Williams)
6. Anything (originally by Ryan Tedder)
7. Young Love (cover of the Jedward song)
8. Confetti Falling
9. Crazy For U
10. Get Up
11. Like Nobody's Around
12. Love Me Again (originally and accidentally leaked by Carlos on YouTube, video was meant to be a surprise)
13. My Song for You (Carlos Pena feat. Eric Secharia)
14. Picture This
15. We Are
16. 24/Seven

Also online are Keke Palmer's cover of "Show Me", an alternate version of "Invisible", and the Kendall-only version of "Cover Girl"

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