Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Big Time Rush Lead Singer Kendall Schmidt Announces Music Career Plans Read more about Big Time Rush Lead Singer Kendall Schmidt Announces Music Career Plans

Big Time Rush Lead Singer Kendall Schmidt Announces Music Career PlansAlmost universally known as lead singer of Big Time Rush, America's most well-known boy band and Nickelodeon's hit television series, fewer are aware, however, of Kendall Schmidt's plans for a music career following his performance as Kendall Knight on Big Time Rush. With music, acting, dancing, and producing in his veins, Kendall is laying the foundation for a unique career transition. Kendall's been fortunate to meet many talented artists during his already successful career who are now encouraging him to set out on his own. Having the support of the music community will be a great boon for this global star.

Kendall is also debuting his new group called "Heffron Drive"; named after the street on which Kendall lived after moving to Los Angeles, California from his birthplace of Wichita, Kansas. A couple years ago, Kendall released a number of Heffron Drive songs on Myspace wherefrom tens of thousands began streaming the uploaded tunes. The internet was soon buzzing about Heffron Drive, but shortly thereafter the Big Time Rush opportunity came along. Kendall joined up, but has always kept Heffron Drive in the back of his mind - writing new material when time permits. That being said, Kendall is thrilled to announce that he is returning to his German roots during an exclusive and intimate European tour confirmed for May. And although US fans will have to wait to see Heffron Drive live, they need not worry; Kendall will be keeping his roughly 1.3 million Twitter followers up to date as he travels around Europe.
Big Time Rush's force, however, continues to be undeniable. Now in its fourth season, Big Time Rush averages just under 4 million viewers per episode. The series, which boasts the highest-rated and most-watched Nickelodeon live action premier among kids, tweens, and total viewers at a whopping 6.8 million, is a global phenomenon. Big Time Rush is seen in 78 territories and in 17 languages via Nickelodeon channels and syndication. Equally impressive, Big Time Rush has sold over 3.8 million combined digital tracks to date. The band also holds the record for fastest sell-out time at Radio City Music Hall in New York - ten minutes!

Elevate, Big Time Rush's second album released by Columbia Records/Nickelodeon, was the follow-up to the group's blockbuster debut, 2010's gold-certified BTR. The band's summer anthem single "Windows Down," has garnered over 17.5 million video views and quickly climbed the radio charts becoming their third consecutive charted single at Pop radio.
Though music is his passion, Kendall is a gifted actor as well; with credits including Big Time Movie and Figure It Out, which drew 13 million viewers respectively, and television appearances on shows varying from CSI: Miami and Without a Trace to Ghost Whisperer to Frasier. Also in production is The Great Migration, an animated movie starring the voices of Kendall and Kevin Schmidt, Logan Henderson, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson.
With such a vast platform, Kendall has chosen to use his status to improve the world. In 2013, Kendall helped to found the Conscious Human Initiative, "CHI" for short. The charitable, non-profit venture's mission is to develop, advance and raise awareness of sustainable cutting-edge food production, distribution and product development that addresses global malnutrition. With major individual, corporate, and government interests taking notice, CHI is poised to make its mark on the world; much like the founder, Kendall Schmidt.

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