Wednesday, April 17, 2013

BTR's Letter to the fans!

What up Rushers?!

We decided to stop by AOL Music today and thought we’d write a little letter to the best fans in the world. That’s you, btw … our Rushers! So we have lots of new updates — tons of fun and exciting things going on in the world of BTR and I think we should share them with you. Cool beans?

First off, 24/Seven!!! This is the name of our brand new album! Though we don’t know the “exact” date of when it will be available, we’re just going to say early June. However, we promise that we will know very soon and you all will be the first to know! But let us tell you, it will be awesome! Imagine an album full of awesome … sauce! With awesome bacon-songs? And lots of red velvety lyrics. LOL (but seriously).

Second, the 4th season of “Big Time Rush”! This fantastic collection of hilarity and moving pictures shall begin May 2nd on Nickelodeon! We are calling it Big Time Thursdays and will have new episodes EVERY Thursday! We suggest you watch, laugh and enjoy the comedic adventures of four very handsome gentlemen who play hockey (on rare occasion), sing awesome-sauce tunes and get into the occasional bit of mischief. What a fantastic combination, if we do say so ourselves.

Third, the Summer Break Tour!!! We are indeed hitting the road once more this summer, and hope to see you there! The tour kicks off June 21st and if you don’t happen to have a set of tickets in your hand at the moment, I suggest you go to and get some now! Our friend Victoria Justice will be along for the ride along with Jackson Guthy and Olivia Somerlyn, so expect a TON of great music!

And last, but certainly not least, we want to take this opportunity to thank you guys, the fans. We would not be here, sitting at this desk, in this building, typing on this keyboard and writing this letter were it not for you guys. Nor would we be able to make a fun TV show, or travel the world playing music for amazing fans just like you. So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for always supporting us and helping us to achieve our dreams. We love you all!!!

Peace, love and rock n’ roll,
James and Kendall

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