Wednesday, April 10, 2013


What are my causes?

My brothers and I -- all of us in our 20s -- have been asking ourselves this question for some time now. For us, art has, and will always be, a huge part of our lives. Art is a form of creative speech and an energy exchange that allows us to share our love, philosophies, voices, and dreams with others -- in a way that's as unique as the prints on our fingers.

What are my physical, emotional, and spiritual goals?

Life has been a pretty cool ride so far. I'm doing things now that I dreamt about back when I slept in a bunk bed, which is really cool and surreal at the same time. While living these dreams, however, I realized that I wanted to help people reach their dreams. Thus, a new chapter in my life has begun and it's about setting goals bigger than myself. So I asked myself, what does every person on earth need to achieve a dream? Not want. But need.

Now, my brothers and I are originally from Kansas, and are proud to say that our hearts have stayed true to the land of our farming forefathers. If you ask anyone who knows us, or follows our Twitter accounts, they'll tell you that food is a huge part of our lives, and for obvious reasons -- it tastes great, creates endorphins, and brings our family together.

But not just any food...

We believe all food is not created equal and as a result, we prefer to eat that which is natural, organic, and locally produced. Your body is your temple! The better you eat, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the happier you are. Happy, nutritionally satisfied people think more clearly and in turn, make the world happier place.

Now, we're aware that most people don't have access to affordable all natural and organic foods year round. So what can we as a society do? Well, society is made up of individuals who are capable of impacting change, and I'll tell you what we're doing to help.

A couple years ago, Kevin stumbled upon a food production method called aquaponics while writing a script about a "futuristic society." He wanted to learn about future food production methods that could feed many people, but was extremely efficient. Aquaponics fit the role (I know, lame joke, but I couldn't help myself).

Aquaponics is the synergistic blend of fish farming (aquaculture) and soil-less growing methods (hydroponics) in a closed loop system. Simply put, the fertilizer that's created from fish waste is pumped into grow beds where the nutrient-rich water feeds vegetables and fruiting plants. With the help of technology, it's clear to us that aquaponic farming methods can be a vehicle to a sustainable and healthier future -- to get fresh, organically grown, and sustainably produced foods to everyone.

It was from this discovery that I realized that we could help others help themselves through the development of cutting-edge, locally based, sustainable and efficient food production systems. By supplying fresh food to people around the world, I could achieve my goal of helping nourish those who are striving for their dreams.

Feeding people is one of our causes and the vehicle for accomplishing this mission has arrived. Now comes the action.

With the help of the industry leaders, experts, and our friends, my family and I have set out a "Conscious Human Initiative" -- or "CHI" -- as we're calling it. As with any ambitious undertaking, we cannot accomplish this change by ourselves. We need the help of other Conscious Humans worldwide to help make dreams come true.

Please visit our website for more information and become a Conscious Human today! =)

-Kendall Schmidt


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