Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kendall Talks Heffron Drive!

You probably know Kendall Schmidt as the lead singer of the boy band Big Time Rush, but BTR is not the only band that Kendall is in! The actor and singer is also a part of the duo known as Heffron Drive, which also features BTR’s guitarist Dustin Belt. Kendall and Dustin are hitting the road for a Germany tour! Kendall dished a ton of Heffron Drive deets in an exclusive interview with BOP & Tiger Beat! Check out Kendall’s interview below and then let us know what YOU think about the singer and Heffron Drive in the comments below! 

BOP&TB: Our readers know you from Big Time Rush. How does Heffron Drive’s sound compare?

Kendall Schmidt: Heffron Drive is noticeably different from Big Time Rush. Big Time Rush is straight pop while HD is kind of rock-pop-electro. I’d say HD is a blend of bands like Incubus and Fall Out Boy with some Zedd and Skrillix thrown in for good measure.

BOP&TB: What do you each do in terms of writing lyrics, producing, instruments, etc.?

Kendall Schmidt: Dustin and I are the sole artistic directors for the music; we write it, play it, and record. We both play guitar and add electronic sounds when it feels right.

BOP&TB: What personality traits do you each bring to the duo?

Kendall Schmidt: Dustin can be a wild child and I think I’m more chillaxed. So, together I guess we create a wi-laxed vibe.

BOP&TB: How did HD start up? Whose idea was it, what inspired you, etc.?

Kendall Schmidt: Well, I started playing guitar when I was 15, but I knew I wanted to play music for a career since before that. I met Dustin when we moved out to L.A. (turns out he was from Kansas too). I’m not sure when HD came to life, but it did and we’re stoked about it.

BOP&TB: Why should readers check out your music?

Kendall Schmidt: I think every artist would tell you about how great their music is and how wonderful it sounds (whether it does or not). So instead, I’ll say that I make music that I love. And I hope you will love it too.

BOP&TB: Tell us about one of your fave songs. What is it about and what does it personally symbolize for you?

Kendall Schmidt: I think all the songs have a unique aspect to them, but I really like “Time Wasting.” It’s a song about that moment when we love, the thing that we all try to hold onto with those we love. But when you’ve had your heart broken before you’re conflicted about going to that place of love again because it could lead to that heartbreak you felt. “Time Wasting” is about that tension, between wanting to rush to the love, but remembering the pain of having it and losing it.

BOP&TB: What are your future plans for the band?

Kendall Schmidt: Well, we have an upcoming tour in Germany in May and after that, we go back on tour with Big Time Rush. We’re always thinking about new stuff for Heffron Drive, but we’ll likely do more touring before we release a new album.

Source: livejournal

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