Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Do you remember this 'do? The BTR boys have come a long way since they first stepped onto the Hollywood scene. And even though their awesome personalities haven't changed, their signature locks have. So we're recapping their throwback mops from the first season of Big Time Rush! Remember when James rocked these long, wispy strands? Even though it was tough to see this adorable 'do go, we're kinda digging his new buzz!

Carlos' throwback hairstyle was all guy-next-door. Those soft, wavy tresses put this BTR cutie on the scene as a certified sweetheart. Now, he's ditched the hair for more of a bad boy look. But let's be honest, he's still as sweet as can be.
Kendall's taken a few inches off his blonde 'do since the old days, but we think the old is just as good as the new! This guy can do no wrong...
And Logan ditched his classic 'do for a trendier cut. Higher hair and a popped collar? Work it, Logan, work it!
You can't know where you're going 'til you know where you've been. So does that mean we've got tons of new Big Time 'dos to look forward to? All signs point to yes!

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