Thursday, May 2, 2013


Living with an alien isn't the easiest thing in the universe. It definitely takes a lot of getting used to. Having someone in the house who can boil a pot of water with a touch of a finger? Yeah, that's weird. Helpful, but weird. Anyway, in case you didn't know, there's a mega event happening this weekend that's creating quite the buzz in our Milky Way. Big Time Rush is guest starring onMarvin, Marvin this Saturday! And just to help Logan, Carlos, Kendall and James adjust to life with a wacky alien, we decided to make them a little list of tips. BTR, here's our Alien Guide to you!

Tip 1: Keep a safe distance from Marvin's degree-changing pointer fingers. Marvin can mess with temperature with a simple touch of his hand, making the object feverishly hot or sub-zero cold. So Logan, unless you wanna find yourself frozen into a block of ice, we suggest taking a step back. It's for your own good.
Tip 2: Don't spill any secrets to your pets. We're talking to you James! You may think Fox is your friend, but if you didn't know already, Marvin speaks his language. Marvin can talk to animals! That means, if you tell Fox about all that stuff you wrote in your super-secret personal diary, well, Marvin's gonna know about it.
Tip 3: If you plan on singing, get ready to dance! Every time Marvin hears a tune, he can't help but break it down. And his alien moves are pret-ty interesting. But we suggest jamming 'til you can't jam any more. 'Cause first, you're BTR, so you already love to dance. And second, there's nothing like an impromptu dance party with Marvin!
Tip 4: Our last tip is to keep the funny flowing. And as Big Time Rush, you should have zero problem dishing out the giggles. You guys are hilarious! But if you didn't know already, Marvin floats whenever he's happy... especially when he's laughing! And what's more entertaining than watching Marvin float to the ceiling in pure joy? Pretty much nothing (except maybe a BTR performance).
Now that the guys of Big Time Rush have our guide to hanging with non-earthlings, you've gotta make sure to tune in to see if they take our advice! Don't miss the hour long special, Big Time Marvin, this Saturday night at 8/7c!

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