Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Dress for BTR's Summer Break Tour!

BTR Tour Style 1

It may not be summer just yet, but with the Big Time Rush tour only a few weeks away, things are already starting to heat up! And, since you can never be too prepared, we figured now was a good time to start dishing on the perfect tour gear. We've been keeping an eye on the boys and their tour co-star, Victoria Justice, and we've got the perfect tips on how to dress for this sweet and sunny show.

BTR Tour Style 2

Rusher fever, initiate. The Summer Break Tour is almost here so here's how to plan out your outfit. Wearing comfy, roomy shorts (like Victoria, here) guarantees maximum dancing potential, not to mention that shorts are a summer win when bearing with the heat!

BTR Tour Style 2

And cute shades offer great protection from going starry-eyed when the Big Time boys board the stage. Plus you can also use them to block the sun! That is what they're made for.

BTR Tour Style 3

If head gear is more you're style, take a tip from Carlos! A cool hat is the perfect addition to any summer outfit. Plus, it looks pretty cool while rocking out on stage.
So who's ready to sport some summer styles and head to the arena for a jammin' summer concert? Yup. We've officially got everything we need. Now on with the show!


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