Thursday, May 23, 2013


This set of Tour Tips was written by the Kendall Schmidt from the pop/rock duo, Heffron Drive, and the boy band, Big Time Rush. You can check out his tips for being on the road, after the break.

1. Explore, Perform, Sleep – The mark of a great tour is one where the performances were bitchin, the exploration of the world thorough, and the sleep is just enough to do it all again! Touring is an awesome opportunity to see incredible things, meet amazing fans, and just experience the world. So, when you’re touring, don’t forget to smell the roses after killing it on stage because you were well rested.

2. Getting Along – When you travel around with your best buds on a short leg or traveling the world with a full production, it’s important to remember to keep your cool. Everyone will have a bad day at some point and you’ll probably want to lash out at anything that moves because of jet/bus/car lag, but keep your sh!t together and realize that you are doing something awesome and seeing more of the world than most. If you need a break, take one, if someone needs space, give it to them. Be respectful of others’ space and you’ll experience a tour you’ll want to remember.

3. Avoid Being The Disappointment – We’ve all heard the stories of rock stars thrashing hotels, committing small acts of arson, and even occasionally biting the big one after an insane drug and alcohol binder, but those are stories best told about others. Keep focused on what you’re doing; and that is traveling around to meet with awesome people and to show them your artistic ability. They love your art and cared enough to come see you, so respect them by giving them the best performance possible and avoid being the big disappointment.

4. Sh!t Goes Wrong, Roll With It – Even the most well-oiled machine experiences hitches. Thus, when a bump appears in the road, just roll with it. You’d be surprised how awesome something can turn out when you don’t lose your mind when something doesn’t go exactly to plan. Just keep your composure, address the problem, and roll with it.

5. Eat Well – By “eating well” I don’t mean to eat a lot. Traveling around the world can be tough on the ole’ gut so do yourself a favor and bring some reliable grub with you. Also, plan out where wholesome food can be located and try to hit up those places while you’re traveling around. There are all sorts of apps out there that can make life a bit easier in this regard so eat well and enjoy the ride.

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