Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scandals, Swifting and Cher Lloyd

Big Time Rush can’t catch a break this season and I would feel pretty awful for them if they didn’t always finagle their way out of all the bad stuff! In episode 2, “Big Time Scandal,” our boys have been slapped with some bad press. When really, it’s sort of their fault, because they did go looking for press—only they expected the good kind. Which you can’t really do, can you?

In a meeting with Gustavo in the beginning of the episode, James suggests he try to get some pop star to write a song about him, that it would maybe boost their PR. But Gustavo is like, are you crazy? The last thing BTR needs is to get Swifted. Gustavo explains that to get swifted means “to make a girl so angry over a breakup that she writes a song about you and ruins your reputation.” You know, like Taylor Swift. It’s a beautiful thing, that “getting swifted” is now a verb everybody can immediately understand. Shouts, Tay!
But James doesn’t even have time to elaborate on this idea, because guess what? Kendall’s kind-of ex-lovah Lucy Stone (played by a Malese Jow, who apparently plays a teenage vampire on Vampire Diaries) has just ‘swifted’ Kendall on her new single. As all this goes on, E! News captures footage of Carlos assaulting an elderly lady, which shames the whole group. Of course, Carlos doesn’t have it in him to hit an old lady– he was just helping her to her feet! But the paparazzi plays dirty, and now BTR is in double PR trouble.
Since James is the only member of BTR currently without a problem, he makes it his priority to create one. Since he loooves himself, James confides in Katie that he needs help coming up with a good PR scheme. Katie suggests recording a duet with British pop star Cher Lloyd—or pretending to record a duet with Cher Lloyd. Since Cher just happens to be in L.A. this weekend, James and Katie sneak into her recording studio. James somehow manages to sneak into her booth without anybody noticing, and Katie snaps a pic on her iPad and sends it off to press. This works okay—for the time being.
Kendall and Jo try to figure out how to approach Lucy in a way that will convince her not to reveal that the song is actually about Kendall. Of course, this backfires completely, and Lucy decides instead to hold a press conference with the sole purpose of revealing to the world that her song is, in fact, about Kendall. So yeah, so much for that.
Meanwhile, Logan and Carlos see the old lady again outside of E! news, and this time Logan tries to help her. Logan reaches down to help her pick up her purse, which of course only results in E! running footage that makes him look like a purse-snatcher. Gustavo and Kelly decide to take things into their own hands, declaring, “THE ONLY WAY TO FIGHT BAD PRESS IS WITH GOOD PRESS!” They dress Gustavo up to look like the old lady so that they can control the press pictures, but this plan is soon foiled: Gustavo, dressed like a woman, is dramatically hit by a giant bus.
The name of the game this episode isn’t “Undercover,” but it should be, because that’s how everybody’s problems are solved: Kendall, Jo, Carlos and Logan sneak into Lucy’s press conference with a plan to Kanye Lucy into not revealing that her song was about Kendall. (FYI: To Kanye means to interrupt somebody for long enough that they never get a chance to say what they need to say. You know, like Kanye did to Taylor Swift at the VMAs. All these new verbs, guys. I love them.) James,  going undercover, makes it into Cher Lloyd’s music video. Lucky for everyone, the video actually ends up blowing up on YouTube, so Cher quickly forgives James for his creep-status lunacy. And Lucy decides to declare in front of the entire country that her song is, in fact, “NOT about Kendall Knight,” but only after a mustachioed Logan and Carlos shout at her press conference that Kendall never meant to dump her for Jo and that he is actually a nice guy,
So yes, there were some close calls, but the boys are spared their reputation—FOR NOW. What will happen in episode 3? At the end of the episode Lucy moves back into the Palm Woods, so you know something is about to go down.

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