Thursday, June 13, 2013


Carlos Pena Directs Big Time Episode 1
Carlos has a busy acting and singing career, but he's adding another talent onto his list... directing! For tonight's episode, "Big Time Tour Bus," he stepped behind the camera to make all the big time directing decisions. And this episode is super special for another reason too, 'cause they had a certain Victorious visitor on the set.

Carlos Pena Directs Big Time Episode 2
Yup! We're talking about Victoria Justice, all right. Wow. Talk about tons of reasons to tune in! Not only are these guys already besties from joining forces on tour this summer, but now they're kicking it on screen, too. But wait, why is Victoria sporting a Santa hat? Isn't it summer? Hmmm, you might just have to watch and find out.
Carlos Pena Directs Big Time Episode 3
And as far as on-screen chemistry goes, these guys have already got it in the bag. They've been pals for years! Check out this throwback pic from 2010, when the crew hung out at the Nickelodeon Upfronts. Awe, what an adorable budding friendship.

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