Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Heffron Drive Exclusive Interview

Heffron Drive

Kendall Schmidt is a busy guy at the moment as he is currently writing new material for Heffron Drive as well as about to set out on a new tour with Big Time Rush.
We caught up with the singer/songwriter to chat about what Heffron Drive have been up to as well as what is in the pipeline for him for the rest of this year.

- We obviously know you best from Big Time Rush but we are going to be seeing you fronting Heffron Drive so how did you and Dustin Belt meet?
We met on the street after which the band was named. Funny thing is, we never met until we were in California - even though we were born in Kansas at the same hospital.
- How would you say you sound differs from Big Time Rush?
Big Time Rush has a contemporary Top 40 pop sound. Heffron Drive is more dance-rock-electro. I’d say Heffron Drive's sound is like a mix of Skrillex and Zedd with Fallout Boy and Incubus.
- You have just been out in Germany with the band so how was your time out there?
Ich liebe Deutschland and Österreich! We played in Austria and Germany on this trip and loved every minute of it.
It’s great being with the German and Austrian fans; they are an amazing group of people and they live in two beautiful countries. Germany is a very special place for me because it’s my ancestral homeland.
- Heffron Drive allows you to have more creative freedom and input so how great has that been for you an artist as you don't have that in BTR?
Freedom and creativity are intimately related. When I began Big Time Rush, most of the music was chosen for us and we had little input on what was promoted.
However, as time went on, we were given more freedom to create the sound that most impacts us emotionally.
Heffron Drive, for me, is total freedom, which translates into limitless creative potential. My brother, Kevin, has a great quote that says it best: I’m 'happiest when creating.'
- So when are we going to be seeing some new material for Heffron Drive? Have you starting writing anything for a new album?
I’m always working on new material. Big Time Rush consumes a lot of my time, but I always make time to write new music. And rest assured, more Heffron Drive music is being written.
- Big Time Rush are gearing up for a big tour this summer so how excited are you for that? And what can fans with a ticket expect from the show?
I’m super excited for Big Time Rush’s Summer Break Tour. We’re touring with Victoria Justice this summer, which will be amazing. We expect this tour to be bigger, better, and full of confetti falling.
- Big Time Rush is a project that allows you to do acting and singing but where does your heart lie? And is music where you intend to stay when BTR is over?
I love being an actor and a musician. I know that my heart has been in music for longer than it has been with acting, but I love them both.
- So where did your love of music start? And is a career in music something that you always envisioned for yourself?
My brothers tell me that I was like a radio station when I was younger because I sang all the time and knew all the words to the songs on the radio.
Very early on, I developed my love for music and soon after, knew I wanted to have a career as a rock star.
- BTR has really thrown you into the limelight, how have you found the ride so far?
I’m living a dream that I’ve had since I was a kid. I love meeting the fans, I love creating art for them, I love performing for them, and I love visiting unique places in the world. The limelight is nice, but being able to pursue your passion is most important.
- You are busy with BTR and you also have Heffron Drive so how difficult is the balancing act between the two projects?
When I have Big Time Rush work to do, I give it my all. When I have a break from BTR, I relax and focus on Heffron Drive.
However, inspiration for a sound or song can arrive at any minute whether or not I’m working on BTR, Heffron Drive, or relaxing. At those times, it can be tough to balance current work with developing the inspired sound or song.
- You have also founded Conscious Human Initiative so can you tell me a bit about that and why you set it up?
Conscious Human Initiative (CHI) is our non-profit organization, which will help alleviate global malnutrition by utilizing sustainable and cutting edge food production methods.
Most of the science that has gone into food production has been done within the realm of genetic modification to create genetically modified organisms (GMOs). CHI is the alternative method to the propagation and development of GMOs to maximize food production.
CHI is different from GMO companies’ attempts to combat food and nutrition scarcity because we’re using external, non-invasive, and environmentally friendly technologies to produce food instead of the naturally invasive process of genetic modification.
Fundamentally, CHI is about the next generation and the world we're going to leave to them. We know that we can do better for humanity now and leave a better world for humanity to come by supporting life-inspired organizations, like CHI.
- Finally, what is next for you going through the rest of this year?
The Big Time Summer Break Tour will run through August. After that, I think we’ll do a fall tour abroad. During my breaks, I’ll work on CHI and Heffron Drive.
I may even bring these two passions together! I’m really looking forward to this year, meeting the fans on the road and performing.
I love what I do and I love that I will spend the rest of the year doing that which I love.
And I would definitely love to see each and every one of you reading this at a CHI event or a BTR or Heffron Drive concert this year.


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