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James' Interview with

James Maslow: Big Time Rush's '24/Seven' Hits No. 1! (JJJ Interview)
Check out this brand new interview with Big Time Rush singer James Maslow!

The 22-year-old musician is gearing up for BTR‘s big summer tour and celebrating the release of the band’s brand new album 24/Seven!

Meanwhile, the guys’ show Big Time Rush is also in full swing on Nickelodeon.

JJJ caught up with James just as the new album hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts! He gave us the scoop on the new music and what fans can expect in concert this summer.

Be sure to pick up 24/Seven, out today (June 11)!
Click inside to check out our interview with James Maslow…

JustJaredJr: Congrats on the album release! What can you tell us about 24/Seven and how it compares to other BTR albums?
James Maslow: 27/Seven is much more organic. It came from all of us personally. Besides the fact that we wrote most of the music, we didn’t really have any restrictions on this album. Whereas with Elevate, it was like we wanted to go more “radio” and a certain type of sound. For this one, we sort of just stopped chasing other people’s ideas of what pop music should be and just wrote what we considered good pop songs, still with positive messages and a BTR vibe. Because of that, I think we’ve done some of our best writing and the fans, especially on the deluxe album, which has five extra songs, have a huge variety of good pop music.

JJJ: Which song on the album is the most personal to you?
JM: The most personal is probably “Amazing.” I wrote that with a couple of buddies. I’ve been working with them for over a year now, just writing a ton of music, a lot of which I’ll probably keep to myself. At first, I thought this song was going to be for me. I really liked it. It was the first song we ever wrote together, but then it seemed better as a Big Time Rush song and obviously, that’s my priority right now. The guys loved it. Everybody sounded great on it and now it’s become one of the band’s favorites. So that’s one of my personal favorites on the album.

JJJ: We know you’ve played a few shows and are headed on tour soon. How have the fans reacted to the new music so far?
JM: They seemed to really love it. The only song they were familiar with was “Like Nobody’s Around” because they’ve heard it on Nickelodeon so much, but beginning to hear some other music… “Amazing” went over really well. And “24/Seven” seems to be a crowd favorite, the title song. It’s fun asking fans their favorites because they’re just starting to listen to the music. It’s always fun too to hear people like the ones that I contributed to and I wrote, like “Run Wild,” “Picture This,” “Amazing,” and “Confetti Falling.” All the guys have written some amazing songs on this album. I’m really just proud of it.

JJJ: What can fans expect form BTR’s tour this year?
JM: If fans have seen us play once or ten times before, they’ve never seen what we’re going to do this summer. We’re changing around huge aspects, including replacing our band with a DJ. Not that we don’t love our band, but some of them have obligations to begin with, so it would have been new people anyway. And really, it’s our favorite type of music we love. House music and DJ’s are frankly becoming the most popular forms of music, so we wanted to incorporate that into our show. We have DJ D-Rek who’s worked on Wild ‘N Out with Nick Cannon. He’s just an awesome guy and a very talented DJ, so it’s just going to add a whole other dimension to our show that fans have never seen.

JJJ: Awesome! And finally, congrats on hitting No. 1! That didn’t take long!
JM: I woke up at 6AM to go to the gym and it was already there. So I gotta say, the fans did some quick work overnight and it’s pretty amazing. We have the best fans. They are strong in spirit and diehard. It’s our third album and we’re still able to tour and sell at this rate, and have this time of career? It’s pretty amazing.


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