Thursday, June 13, 2013

KAMES Talks about the New Album and Relationships

 James Maslow and Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rush.
Big Time Rush burst onto the scene in 2009 when Nickelodeon cast them to star in the hit TV show about high school hockey players who form a pop band. Their musical talents have translated off screen as well. Both of the band’s albums — BTR in 2010 and Elevate in 2011 — debuted in Billboard’s Top 15. Now the famous foursome is looking for a repeat performance with their new album, 24/seven, coming out June 11.
Two of the band’s stars, James Maslow, 22, and Kendall Schmidt, 22, talked to about their latest album, channeling their favorite boy bands, and more.

On their new album, 24/seven.
James Maslow: “We’re ecstatic. On the last album we were kind of chasing radio, so this time around we really focused on writing great pop songs and music that we enjoy.”
Kendall Schmidt: “We put so much attention to detail in every song. There are tons of different vibes on this album.”
On the fourth season of Big Time Rush.
Maslow: “I’m really proud of it. We spend a lot of time filming. Sometimes 12 to 20 hours a day, five days a week. I think we are the only kids’ show that does that. This season, we have some amazing guest stars [Gavin DeGraw, Cher Lloyd, Victoria Justice and more]. We’re bigger and better.”
On acting vs. music.
Maslow: “If I had to pick, it would be film. That’s my ultimate goal. But I’m still going to continue to write music for myself and others. I love it. I grew up loving it, and I’ll never let it go.”
Schmidt: “I was a kid actor, so I grew up with acting and it was a huge passion of mine and the only thing I wanted to do, but when I was 15, music came and grabbed me. I started playing the guitar and writing songs and music just sort of took over. Doing a TV show is a blast, but music is all I can think about. I’d love to run a label one day. Music has definitely taken over as a passion and performing live for people is the most satisfying thing you can do. I hope I can keep doing that my entire life.”
On channeling boy bands of the past in their music video for “Like Nobody’s Around.”
Maslow: “It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of costume changes and so many different takes and footage. We’re proud of the idea. We paid homage to all of the bands that came before us.”
On their favorite boy bands of all time.
Maslow: “If you could say The Beatles were a boy band, which in many ways they were, then I vote them. But in a more classical sense, *NSYNCwould be my favorite.”
Schmidt: “*NSYNC is my favorite. They were the most talented and their songs were super catchy. I think I had always secretly wanted to try to do the “Bye Bye Bye” dance move, so getting to do that in the video was fun.”
On their fans.
Maslow: “They mean the world. We couldn’t still be doing this without them. We’re so lucky.”
Schmidt: “The only reason we continue doing this is because the fans are so dedicated. We’re eternally grateful. They’re always supporting us, and if we’re down about something or feeling stressed or tired, we can go on Twitter and read the most encouraging things from them.”
On trading in their privacy for fame.
Maslow: “There’s not too much of our lives that are private at this point. It’s exciting for me to share most things with my fans, but we’re all still figuring out the best way to do it. I think that’s why relationships are very difficult in this industry.”
Schmidt: “The only thing I never talk about is relationship stuff because there really isn’t any time to be in a relationship! I’m so busy all the time, so actually trying to tie down a girl is ridiculous. We meet so many different and interesting people, so I’m just being young and single right now. I’ve had a couple relationships since I’ve been in Big Time Rush, and nobody really knows about them. I never talk about it, so that’s about the only line I won’t cross when it comes to my privacy.”


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