Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prank Me Once, Shame on You, Prank Me Twice, Shame on Me

It is that time of year again for Big Time Rush, the only day where the boys can really *be themselves”. In other words, it is Prank Day. The boys (plus Katie, who is also really into Prank Day) whip out the rule book and the crown that the winner of Prank Day gets to wear and hold themselves an opening ceremony. Almost immediately, though, the crown gets snatched up in a net by none other than Katie and Kendall’s mom, Jennifer, who declares Prank Day canceled.

But the kids aren’t having it—as Katie astutely puts it, “You can’t keep track of what we do today! There’s a lot of us and only one of you!” Oh yeah? She’s wrong, because behind Jennifer appears a posse of all the adults at Palm Woods, none of whom are down with the celebration of Prank Day. Wanna know why? Because last time it apparently cost their record company $24,000 in damages and $17,000 in pie filling. I know, it’s really not a big deal, y’all. Katie tells the adult posse that they’re OLD NUMBERED, and Gustavo defends himself by explaining that it isn’t that he doesn’t like to have fun, it’s that he just chooses not to have it.
So Katie forces the adults to prove that they’re still kids at heart and join the day of pranks. If the adults win, Prank Day is gone forever. If the kids win, they have bragging rights for a year.
So who strikes first? The kids, duh, with a prank phone call to reception asking to page “I.P. Freely” on the intercom. The adults can’t believe that prank calls count as pranks, but like, duh they do, and if they’d ever read the book of prank rules, they’d know that the Seymour Butts Amendment says this is acceptable.
The kids almost immediately render Bob useless by pouring glue up inside the ceiling so that when Bob goes up there to position a ceiling-leak prank, his hands get stuck and he is forced to hang from the ceiling for the entire episode with a “Hit Me” sign on his butt, LOLOL. Poor Bob.
Things we learn in this episode: 1) James and Lucy might actually have some luvin’ chemistry going on, 2) Logan makes a great Pranksta Gangsta cuz he really really commits himself to it, and 3) Old Reggie Bitters has it in his power to not only get in touch with Black OPS but to hire them to try and help the adults win prank day.
I won’t tell you who wins, but I will tell you that Prank Day is here to stay, TG. Also here is the song montage from this week— it is called “Confetti Falling”- just watch it.  It is wonderful.

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