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Victoria Justice lithely jumps off a riser and towards the center of the stage at a Southern California rehearsal spot. Mic in hand, she belts out the big chorus to her brand new single "Gold" [iTunes link]. Switching between smiles and a certain theatrical panache, she delivers the song with a whole lot of personality to spare. It's got the makings of a major hit—especially in her hands. It could very well be called "Platinum" instead. "Now" feels like Victoria's moment. She's got her solo single out as well as a co-headlining run with Big Time Rush in the U.S. Get ready for Victoria…

In this exclusive interview with editor in chief Rick Florino, Victoria Justice talks "Gold", the tour, and so much more.

What's the story behind "Gold"?

I've been working on my own album for a while now, and I've been writing music since I was 16. Now that Victorious is over, I'm venturing into my solo music world. "Gold" was played for me, and I thought it was fun and catchy. I thought it had a great groove and vibe to it. It's definitely pop music you can hear on the radio, but it's more mature than the other stuff I've been doing. I clicked with it.

What does it mean to you lyrically?

I love it because I'm singing from a stance of female empowerment. It's not like I'm saying, "I'm gold you should love me because I'm amazing and awesome" [Laughs]. It's more like, "I feel empowered about myself. I feel good as a woman. I have self-respect. You should go for me!"

Is it important for you to preserve a level of theatricality in the music?

Definitely! When I'm performing on stage and live, I go hard and give it one-hundred-fifty percent. I want to make it big, fun, and theatrical. When I'm doing these bigger venues, people all the way in the back have to see it and feel energized.

Do acting and music intertwine for you?

They really do intertwine for me. They're both different ways of telling stories. One, you're projecting your voice, and the other, you're not.

What makes this tour different for you?

This is my second tour. I'm co-headlining with the Big Time Rush guys. The production is definitely bigger. We have these huge video screens that are going to be lifted to 16 feet. We have a huge light show. I have some cool props. One of them, I'm calling my "pimp cane", and it lights up [Laughs]. I'll be swinging that around. I have dancers for one song so that's something new. This is also the first time I'm singing my solo music besides Victorious music.

How did you choose the setlist?

I'm opening with "Freak the Freak Out", which is the first song that went gold from Victorious. The fans really love that one. That'll get them pumped. I'm doing a bunch of songs from the show and seguing into my own music. 

Does "Gold" open the doorway to the album for you?

I think so! I've been working on the album for a while, and I've written over forty songs. I'm just winging it right now! 

Check out Victoria Tour Dates to catch her live, and enjoy "Gold," right now!


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